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SHIC will be accompanied by a 2-day specialized exhibition held in Prince Sultan Hall. The exhibition will feature health insurance services, products, technologies and economies as well as health service providers. It will attract official participation from government entities (CCHI members), some health insurance governmental bodies, companies and sponsors. Thus, SHIC will serve as a major platform and an opportunity for direct communication, review of the latest developments, and exchange of information as well as strengthening relations with major partners involved in the field.
To Book a Booth in the Exhibition:
  1. Booth space: (12m2) (3x4) m.
  2. Shell scheme booth.
  3. Exhibitor’s name in both Arabic and English and booth number.
  4. Each 12 sqm booth will be equipped as follows: 3 spotlights, one table, one chair and 2 plug sockets.
  5. Fascia board bearing name of the participant.
  6. Power supply and permanent public lighting.
  7. Daily cleaning of aisles, booths and outdoor arenas.
  8. Booth rental fees: 25,000 Saudi Riyals 
For more information please contact Project Manager Mr. Mr. Osama Al Motlaq mobile: +966 50 312 5410 or at email address:

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